40 Passengers party bus

When arranging a memorable party, the venue is one of the most important things that may make or break the event. But what if the forum could change, ensuring your party is never dull and the excitement never ends? Enter the party bus, a mobile party changing how we celebrate. we’ll look at the fascinating world of the 40-person party bus and why it’s the best option for those eager to party in luxury.

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Key characteristics include

Inside Space

Our 40-passenger party bus has a spacious and opulent inside, giving you and your friends plenty of room to dance, socialize, and celebrate.

Onboard Entertainment

With our cutting-edge entertainment system, the celebration never ends. On our high-quality audio and visual equipment, you can enjoy your favorite music, videos, and other media.

 VIP seats

Relax in the comfort of VIP seats, which adds a touch of elegance to your travel. Our comfortable seats are intended for rest and enjoyment.

Professional Chauffeur

We prioritize your safety and happiness. Our experienced and trained chauffeurs offer a comfortable and enjoyable travel, allowing you to concentrate on the festivities.

Configurable Atmosphere

Create the right ambiance for your gathering with configurable lighting options. Whether you prefer bright party lights or a more relaxing atmosphere, we have you covered.

Onboard Bar

Our onboard bar is stocked with a selection of beverages to quench your thirst. Raise a glass to the occasion as you travel in elegance.

Maximus Party Bus for 40 Passengers

Enjoy luxurious transportation and a never-ending party on your next outing in DC, MD, or northern Virginia.

Enough Room

No more working out who will ride with whom when you need to get somewhere. The entire group can fit in one vehicle with our 50-passenger bus! You can spend the day or night with your closest friends or family in one location. Also, with a blaring music system, a DVD player, and multi-color fiber optic lights, the party on the bus may be better than the one you’re going to.

Tours by Bus in DC

There’s a lot of traffic in DC, but there’s also much to see. With a luxury limo service in DC, you can enjoy stress-free transportation throughout the city while relaxing and taking in the historic sights. Enjoy our country’s capital city’s buzz and bustle without the fuss.

Enjoy without stress

You may live it to the fullest when you book a party bus for a girls’ night out or a bachelor party. Have you planned a few stops? It’s not a problem. You can continue on the party bus without seeking directions for your next visit.

Wine Tour Guide

Do you want to visit Virginia’s wine country? Our party bus is the ideal mode of transportation for getting from one location to another. The most excellent aspect is that everyone can have a good time without sitting out and being the designated driver.

Why hire a Party Bus?

It is the ultimate journey for all who desire to flip matters up a notch! Besides that, this vehicle has lots of room for all your pals and your circle of relatives participants to transport about and dance the night away. Our skilled chauffeur will drop you off and look forward to you outside.

Grab extra than 3 dozen of your closest pals: You’re headed on a journey that starts. At the same time, you step interior a 40-passengers vehicle! This club on wheels can provide luxury and exhilaration at each turn, retaining the party going from one point to another. We will cover you whether you want a vehicle for forty passengers to cart gals on a bachelor challenge or comb birthday visitors around D.C., Virginia, or Maryland hotspots.

How Much rent this vehicle?

When you need to hire a low-cost rental vehicle, we will provide you with cheap rental prices that range from town to town. VA4Party has excellent deals.  So, discover the excellent deals!


  • Leather Seating
  • LED Floor and Ceiling Lighting
  • Underbelly Rear Storage
  • DVD/CD/AM/FM System
  • Interior/Exterior Strobe Lighting
  • Mood Lighting


When you get forty people together on the bus, it is certain to be an enjoyment you might not quickly forget. What type of occasions wants a forty-seater? So, here are a few events that can be even higher with the offerings of a party vehicle:

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Book a Charter Bus for your next Wine Tasting or Brewery Tour. Besides that, we provide dozens of charter buses with unique patterns and sizes for each event possible. Turn each occasion into something remarkable with us. We have the excellent costs in town; however, our birthday celebration buses couldn’t be cleaner, more secure or have higher features. We purpose to get you the bus you need at a fee you’ll be very thrilled with us and  fill out our form for a free quote.

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Are you Ready to Party to your Heart Out?

Refrain from being concerned about instructions or designated drivers for your next night out. Rent a luxurious party bus for a relaxed night with your closest friends! Book Your Bus Right Here!

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Can the bus be reserved for purposes other than celebrations, such as business trips?

Without a doubt! Our bus is a versatile option for various events, including corporate trips. Its sumptuous features and refined ambience make it appropriate for gatherings other than typical celebrations.

When should I reserve the 40-passenger party bus for my event?

It’s best to book the party bus ahead of time, especially for popular dates and high seasons. This ensures availability and allows for adequate planning, resulting in a genuinely exceptional event.

What distinguishes a 40-passenger party bus from other modes of transportation?

The party bus provides a one-of-a-kind blend of space, onboard entertainment, and a lively atmosphere. It’s more than just a form of transportation; it’s an experience that adds elegance and adventure to your travel.

Can I change the mood inside the party bus for my event?

Without a doubt! The party bus has various lighting settings that allow you to create the ideal mood for your occasion. The options suit your preferences, whether you want bright party lighting or a more relaxing atmosphere.

How is the journey's safety ensured?

Our priority is safety. Our party bus comes with professional chauffeurs who are experienced and qualified. They ensure a comfortable and secure journey, allowing you to focus on enjoying the festivities.